Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean
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Privateer Dragons' Island
Land of Adventure

Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean © 2008 Lunamont Visions Art.  All rights reserved.spacer Shiver me timbers! Who goes there? Ye have docked at Privateer Dragons' Island port. If ye be a wayward minnow in need of mirth and merriment, ye be a fortunate soul indeed by happenin' upon the port o' call pirates refer to as Privateer Dragons' Island. Laktos the Intolerable and Inga Cuckoo It be the secret hiding place of the good-natured Privateers Dragons of the Caribbean, Admiral Laktos the Intolerable and Captain Cuckoo who travel the seven seas in search of pirate festivals and renaissance faires.

If ye be ready for adventure, set sail with our mateys aboard the square-rigger Morning Star. We be headin' for the nearest pirate festivals and renaissance faires for shore leave. Once we dock, ye'll be meetin' all sorts of pirates and scurvy dogs. But though some be heavily armed, ye needn't be afeared, we won't make ye walk the plank, and our squawkin' parrots aren't likely to bite ye if'n ya gives 'em a cracker.

Before the captain shouts anchors aweigh! take a tour of Privateer Dragons' Island. Next stop FESTIVALS information.

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Laktos' adventure continues with book 4 in the series.


Here be the Privateer Dragons at BRISTOL Renaissance Faire

Stage Show at Bristol Renaissance Faire

Bristol at the maypole

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Morning Star Maiden Voyage: May 20, 2003
Sailors Landed on Privateer Dragons' Island