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Privateer Dragons' Island
Pirate Festivals and Renaissance Faires
How to Get into the Spirit and Join the Fun

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Tips fer Havin' Fun

Privateer Dragons Pin 2005 Inga Cuckoo and Laktos the Intolerable Join the countless numbers of faire-goers who have found the secret to havin' lots of fun: put together yer own costume and travel to the nearest pirate festival or renaissance faire. Once there, ye will draw others to ye. Costumes be an immediate conversation starter, and others will seek ye out.

To find pirate festival and renaissance faire locations, lodging, costumes, accessories, maps, traffic and weather, ye'll be wantin' to wander over to the Privateer's festivals page. There ye'll find everything ye'll be needin' to be set for faire adventure.

When ye arrive at faire, if ye spies Laktos, Inga Cuckoo or any of our friends wearing a Privateer Dragons pin, be sure to stop us and say "Arrrrrgh!" We'd love to share a laugh or two with ye and we'll be happy to provide ye with safe passage to your next stop in the shire.

Be Ready to Answer These Questions Three

Monty Pythonspacer

Ye might want to brush up on your Monty Python before faire 'cause ye never know when a pirate may stop ye and ask ye a few questions before lettin' ye pass. Here be your "faire" warning of a typical encounter:

Stop! Who would cross our path must answer me these questions three, 'ere the other side ye see.

1. What is your name?

2. What is your favorite color?**

3. What is the capital of Assyria?

(Cheers to these gents portraying the King and Patsy from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail")


Here be help in answering the questions.

1. Here be links to where ye can create a male pirate name or female pirate name
2. Here be where ye can find yer own favorite pirate colors
3. Here be where ye can find out what the capital of Assyria was

Bonus Question: Here's where ye can find out the airspeed velocity of unladen swallow.

And now for something completely different: bone up on yer Pythonisms here.